Today the greatest threat to the balance of our skin is environmental, emotional and physiological pollution. Dolomia products promote a healthy relationship between our skin and the environment, restoring radiance and vitality thanks to their functional ingredients, the exclusive Natural Balance® mechanism of action and powerful Dolomite extracts.

Combattere gli effetti dell'inquinamento

Efficacy against pollution

In 2016 the World Health Organization declared that pollution was the highest risk factor for the health of our skin.
Particulates, UV rays, an unhealthy diet, our hectic pace of life and emotional stress all have a negative effect on its health. It loses its vitality, looks dull, tired and lined and is at risk of early aging.
Dolomia Skincare teaches the skin to react to new conditions, so it can become stronger and express its true beauty. Our make-up is enriched with functional ingredients that treat your skin, completing your skincare routine

The Dolomites,
a force of nature

Many active ingredients in the field of science are of plant origin and the reason is simple: plants, the only living beings which are unable to move, have developed extraordinary properties in order to defend themselves from their surroundings.
The plants in the Dolomites in particular are a source of exceptionally powerful extracts because they have had to adapt to such a harsh climate.
And they are the only ones to be fed by truly unique water.
The water which flows through the rocks in the Dolomites is a key ingredient in our formulas.
On its long journey from the source, it is enriched with precious mineral salts from the Dolomite rock.
This rock is a unique kind of limestone which is organic and “alive” and we use it in its micronised and purified crystal form.

Forza della natura

Natural Balance® Skincare

Natural Balance® is the exclusive mechanism of action of our skincare products.
It restores balance between our skin and the environment and stimulates its natural defences and resilience. For a healthier, more vital and radiant skin.
Natural Balance® helps prevent skin aging, protecting against environmental pollution (UV-rays, smog, blue light from electronic devices), emotional pollution (stress, worries) and physiological pollution. It acts deep down in the cells, detoxifying and oxygenating the tissues. This gentle but constant process stimulates cell regeneration.
Thanks to Natural Balance®, Dolomia treatments release their natural active ingredients gradually over time, in tune with the skin’s biological rhythm, for effective, long-lasting results. As a result, the skin is able to protect and repair itself.

Effective and safe make-up
that is good for your skin

Our make-up is developed with state-of-the-art technologies and enriched with functional active ingredients, plant extracts and Dolomite rock crystals to enhance natural beauty. A treatment makeup that is good for your skin, streamlining your skincare routine for a beautiful looking skin.
Colour, coverage, duration and finish are all tested by our experts and make-up artists.
Beauty must be safe for everyone: that’s why our products are tested for sensitive skin and eyes, they do not contain parabens, hazardous preservatives or fragrances with potential allergens. Heavy metal residues are also reduced to the bare minimum.
Dolomia captures the lights and colours of the Dolomites in treatment make-up which combines dermatological safety and highest performance.

efficacia dolomia dolomiti

From the Dolomites to your skin

Dolomia Skincare creates a natural and pleasant sensation on your skin. All our formulas are free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils.
The caressing textures – suitable for any skin type – stimulate both physical and psychological wellbeing. Our exclusive, well-balanced fragrances are created by master perfumers to recall the evocative scents of the Dolomites.
Our make-up enhances your natural beauty, increasing your glow and recreating the same magic as when the light tinges the majestic Dolomite peaks with warm, vibrant colours at dusk.