Love and knowledge of our territory, multidisciplinary skills, enthusiasm and collaboration are the qualities shared by everyone who works at Dolomia.

Our team of cosmetologists, botanists, skin specialists and make-up artists work together to create the very best beauty products.

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Gabriele De Nadai

Gabriele de Nadai
Plant Extracts Laboratory

Graduate in forestry and environmental studies and experienced botanist.
Thanks to his passion and extensive knowledge of our area, Gabriele is involved in every stage of the transformation of our plant extracts.
From repopulating local species to finding the best place to grow them and determining the most innovative and sustainable extraction technologies to use.
Every action taken is to ensure the utmost respect for the local flora and protect biodiversity.

Laura Busata
Skincare Research & Development Laboratory

Cosmetologist and lecturer at the University of Ferrara.
Every day Laura studies and doses ingredients and actives, blending them with scents to make sure every formula delivers maximum efficacy while recreating the pure pleasure of the Dolomites on our skin.

Laura Busata
Jessica De Pra

Jessica de Prà
Make-up Research and Development Laboratory

Chemistry graduate, specialised in organic chemistry.
Jessica combines the tools of her trade – ingredients, actives and pigments – to recreate the magical light and colours of the Dolomites. She loves the mountains and, just as she does when exploring them, in the lab she leaves nothing to chance, devoting the same attention to each product and testing them all meticulously, for sensitive skin too. The result is make-up which enhances our natural beauty and radiance while offering total safety at all times.

Loretta Bonvicini
Skincare specialist

Loretta is a graduate in natural sciences. Plant extracts are her passion and she is an expert in healthy skin. She creates effective beauty routines and studies and suggests the most suitable methods of application, so the action of the precious active ingredients is maximised, restoring natural balance and wellbeing to skin.

Loretta Bonvicini
Graziano Rombaldi

Graziano Rombaldi
Make-up artist

Graziano specialised in make-up at the Diego dalla Palma school and the Beauty Centre of Milan. He holds courses on make-up and perfumes.
He has been a make-up artist for 32 years and is an expert in creating natural effects to enhance female beauty.
He developed our first range of colours, taking his inspiration from the unspoiled beauty of the mountains where he lives.

Serena Pangallo
Make-up specialist

Serena specialised at the Romeur Academy in Rome. She is a creative make-up and colour designer and brings to Dolomia the knowledge and vision of today’s women. She anticipates fashions and experiments with new effects and looks which are always on-trend.

Serena Pangallo