A world of sensations

The Dolomites are a unique and complex ecosystem and a constant source of inspiration. Walking in this unspoiled natural environment stimulates all our senses: the air is pure and fresh, the water is cool and clear, the soil, rocks and plants captivate us with their variety of textures, colours and scents. Our fragrances, created in partnership with researchers, scientists and perfumers, capture the wealth and emotions of the mountains, so we can relive the magic of the Dolomites.

Our sense of smell is the oldest of the senses and the first one to develop as we grow in our mother’s womb. It is processed by our limbic system or ‘emotional brain’ and can even change our mood and make us feel better.


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Olfactory memory and cosmetic research

Only if you experience the Dolomites can you convey their magic. Therefore we took a group of perfumers to the Dolomites: they experimented, smelled, absorbed and committed this unique environment to their olfactory memory.
The result is an exclusive collection of 50 scents which are selected and blended to produce our Dolomia fragrances.
Our laboratories have years of experience studying, training and testing to be able to formulate unique fragrances which recreate the feeling of being immersed in the natural beauty of the Dolomites.