Dolomia’s story began forty years ago, inspired by the extraordinary environment of the Belluno Dolomites and the pioneering vision of a group of friends, pharmacists and academics driven by their scientific curiosity and love for nature.

I primi passi

Our first steps, forty years ago

In the Seventies, Ernesto Riva, a pharmacist and scholar of medicinal plants from Belluno, came across the Codex Bellunensis, a herbarium from the 1400s which is kept in the British Library in London.

This discovery fuelled his passion for the natural world of the Dolomites, spurring him on to formulate – in true Galenic tradition – cosmetic and therapeutic remedies using native flowers and plants.

“The best doctor is also a philosopher” (Galen)

Love for the Dolomites, an enlightened business

Ernesto Riva met Massimo Slaviero, a young man from Belluno who had grown up in his family’s pharmacy and nurtured a great love for the mountains. This friendship laid the foundations for the first formulas using ingredients from the Dolomites.
Together they explored the territory, climbed mountains and experienced first-hand that feeling of wellbeing and beauty that only the mountains can convey.

Their shared passion led to their entrepreneurial vision that is both pioneering and sustainable.

“Those who climb higher see further; those who see further dream longer” (Walter Bonatti)

Riva Slaviero
La scienza allarga gli orizzonti

Science broadens horizons

Soon the pair was joined by Gianni Baratto, a pharmacist, well-known cosmetologist and lecturer at the University of Ferrara who was born and bred in the same mountains, and Luigi Corvi, who hailed from Piacenza but had fallen in love with the
valleys of Belluno.

Research and development continued apace and the first working partnerships with universities and international institutes were established. Under the guidance of the founders, a team of botanists and cosmetologists who shared the same passion for the Dolomites was created to study the native plants.

The unique qualities
of the Dolomites

The Make-Up Laboratory was set up, tasked with taking the light and colours of the mountains and incorporating them into safe and effective formulas. The new and innovative Plant Extracts Laboratory takes the products of nature and extracts their unique and beneficial properties.
Most of the plants used in the Dolomia products are grown locally and processed using state-of-the-art technologies, enabling the team to obtain powerful natural active ingredients and maximise their properties to make effective products for our beauty and wellbeing.

Alle origini della bellezza Dolomia

Dolomia: gentle and strong, naturally

Dolomia is a leading phytocosmetics brand. We have put together our outstanding love and knowledge of the Dolomites to enhance everyone’s beauty.

Thanks to the scientific innovation that has characterised the brand’s history, the make-up range was launched. Its aim was to capture the unique light and subtle shades of the Dolomites to create exclusive cosmetics. Next came the skincare products, formulated to make skin blossom like mountain flowers – naturally gentle but strong.

Our green approach

Respect and attention for the environment is a priority in every stage of formulation, production and distribution and the natural expression of the love for our territory.

This concrete respect results in commitment to environmental sustainability at every level. Dolomia deeply cares about nature and is committed to ensure an environmentally sustainable future for our planet.

Anima verde