When formulating our products, we use an approach that embraces our close bond with the Dolomites while applying the very latest scientific research. Therefore we have created three specialised in-house laboratories, each one with a specific focus: plant extracts, make-up and skincare.


The plant extracts laboratory

This laboratory processes plant extracts, the ingredients Nature gives us which become the driving force of our formulas. Our plants are grown locally in a pristine, natural environment and our laboratory staff monitors their progress, choosing the ones which offer the most interesting possibilities for cosmetic use. It carries out pioneering studies into their potential applications and transforms dried plants into active ingredients, using eco-friendly and sustainable extraction processes.

The cosmetic research laboratory

Dolomia Skincare products start life in our phytocosmetics laboratory, where our experienced formulators create treatments using an ecodesign approach from start to finish.
The active ingredients are selected, enhanced and carefully balanced with all the other elements in the formula. They are then blended with our original fragrances to ensure maximum efficacy and safety, heighten their sensory appeal and recreate the same feelings of wellbeing you experience when immersed in the natural beauty of the Dolomites.

Laboratorio di ricerca make-up

The make-up research laboratory

Our make-up is created in its very own laboratory, where our team of professionals and make-up artists strike the right balance between safety and performance, with an eye on the latest beauty trends.

Working with universities

Thanks to our ongoing partnerships with prestigious universities and research institutes, our knowledge of selecting and titrating extracts and balancing ingredients is constantly growing due to state-of-the-art instruments and technologies. Every stage in the formulation process is monitored to ensure the end product offers the very best in efficacy, safety and sensory appeal.

Collaborazioni Universitarie