Our world

Our world

The origins
of beauty

The uniqueness of the Belluno Dolomites,
an ancient herbarium, the vision of four pharmacists
and a long history of research, study and passion.

Alle origini della bellezza Dolomia

Natural cosmetics for today’s women

Nowadays, pollution is a major cause of premature skin aging. So how can we protect our skin?
Dolomia has the answer: the natural resources of the Dolomites combined with cosmetic research.

The importance
of science

When formulating our products, we use an approach that embraces our bond with the Dolomites while applying the very latest scientific research.


From Nature
to our extracts

The Dolomites are a never-ending source of beneficial ingredients which we have studied and compiled in a very special collection, the result of our love and knowledge of this territory.

of Nature

Our cosmetics come from the Dolomites, just like us.
Love, protection and respect for this environment is in our DNA: we monitor the life cycle of our products, promote biodiversity and enhance the territory.

Alleati della Natura
Dolomia Team

Our team
of experts

The people who work at Dolomia share two very special qualities: expertise and passion. Our team of experienced cosmetologists, botanists, skin specialists and make-up artists strive to achieve genuine beauty.