Eau de Toilette​
The fragrance of the life-giving sap that flows through the plants that grow in the Dolomites: fresh, vibrant and intensely green. The notes of pure mountain air, dense forests, vast meadows and the morning dew convey the contemporary feeling of calm and energy that only connecting with nature at its wildest can evoke.

Active ingredients

Top: Mint, Lemon
Middle: Elder, Alpine rose, Pear
Base: Musk, Patchouli, Cedar wood


Free from silicones and mineral oils
​PAO: 18M

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Recommendations for use

Spray onto your neck and wrists and let the fresh, green notes transport you to the natural wilderness of the Dolomites.

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Rituale riattivante corpo

Rituale Riattivante Corpo

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Rituale riattivante corpo

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Rituale energizzante

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