Natural resilience

Dolomia Skincare is formulated to help skin become strong, so it can fight the aging factors it is exposed to on a daily basis.

Our three ranges contain dandelion root extract, a powerful anti-aging and anti-pollution active ingredient, which is enriched with special boosters to provide a complete and synergic response to all needs: Mineral Detox detoxifies, Phyto Infusion regenerates and Blue Defence protects.

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Skin, our natural protection

Our skin protects us and it feels our every emotion: it captures the light, reacts to temperature and senses sounds. This relationship between our skin and the environment is under threat from pollution and our stressful lifestyle, which make our skin more fragile and susceptible to aging. Dolomia Skincare takes the proven beneficial properties of plant extracts, water and minerals from the Dolomites to restore our skin’s natural balance.

Natural Balance®

Natural Balance®, the mechanism of action of our skincare products, protects the skin against modern-day aging factors caused by environmental, emotional and physiological pollution.
It acts deep down in the cells, detoxifying then oxygenating tissues, to restore balance between our skin and the environment. It also stimulates its natural defences and resilience.
For healthier, revitalised and more radiant skin.

Each of our formulas contains dandelion root extract, a powerful anti-aging and anti-pollution active ingredient, which neutralises the toxins that make our skin dull and tired-looking, uneven or damaged.

Natural sensation

Dolomia Skincare creates a natural and pleasant sensation on your skin, with formulas that are free from parabens, silicones and mineral oils. The caressing textures – suitable for any skin type – stimulate both physical and psychological wellbeing. And the exclusive fragrances, created by master perfumers, capture the natural scents of the Dolomites.

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