The Dolomites are our home and they have instilled in us a love of nature and taught us the importance of protecting it. Protection and respect for this territory is in our DNA: we monitor the entire life cycle of our products to check their environmental impact and make choices that ensure we continue reducing it. We develop and support projects to promote biodiversity and local partnerships to enhance our territory.


Nature in our hands

We were born in the Dolomites, so respect for and the conservation of our natural surroundings are of fundamental importance to us.
We have adopted an ecodesign approach in formulation and production and even our recyclable packaging comes from ethical and sustainable supply chains.
We never stand still and are constantly sourcing new technologies and innovations to reduce our environmental impact even more and make where we live a better place.

EPD certification

We were the first company in the cosmetics sector to obtain EPD certification, which we use to monitor our production process.
Life cycle assessment enables us to control the entire life cycle of our products. Every stage, from design to disposal, is analysed and measured to give us a clear picture of the environmental impact of each product and enable us to make choices to reduce it even more.

Dolomia sostenibilita biodiversita

Close to the environment

We realise the importance of our environment and everything it has to offer, so we support a number of projects aimed at protecting our territory and its biodiversity.
Thanks to one of these, the “Narcissus Meadows” project, the wild narcissus, whose white flowers once filled the meadows in the Belluno area, is gradually reclaiming its rightful place. The same is true for more than 300 varieties of ancient roses which we helped catalogue and make available to the public as part of the Serravella gardens conservation project.

Close to people

Sustainability also means respect and taking care of people. In fact, we work with farmers from our area and support local partners, choosing locally sourced ingredients whenever we can.
Our decision to source raw materials locally also enables us to further reduce our impact on the environment.

Because we don’t need to go far when Nature gives us everything we need.